An area featuring a distinctive geological heritage and hosting an impressive number of geosites
noted for their rarity, scientific and educational value, and arresting beauty.

GEOfood Partner: Honey From Grevena (Μέλι Γρεβενών).


Bees swarm back to their hives in the forests of the geopark.

Honey from Grevena (Meli Grevenon) is owned and operated by Thomas Tsialtas and Constantinos Ntounas of Grevena, offering honey and hive products made exclusively from the flora of UNESCO Global Geopark Grevena-Kozani.  

We combine more than fifty years of experience and family traditions as we follow the seasonal blooms of local flowers and trees, from the slopes of Mt. Vourinos and the Pindus Mountains, across the tablelands and among fields of aromatic herbs.  Our shared philosophy regarding apiculture and hive products guides us to offer the natural wealth of our region to the world, through the trademark Honey from Grevena.

Constantinos Ntounas
Thomas Tsialtas

UNESCO Global Geopark Grevena-Kozani is a geopark of nearly a billion years of Earth history.  Vast forests and floral meadows, interspersed with small cultivations of aromatic herbs, colonize the remnants of ancient landmasses and the long-lost Tethys Ocean.  The unique assemblage of rock types results in a high diversity of landscapes and species.  Our soils nurtured, and were enriched by, the giant herbivores of the Ice Ages.  Every drop of Honey from Grevena tells a story of the Earth.

Honey from Grevena (Meli Grevenon)

All our honey is extracted, laboratory-tested for quality, and packaged with no other processing.  We manage our 300+ hives according to the best, time-tested practices of beekeeping and scientific expertise.  We offer honey from oak, lavender, forest, blossom, black locust, and Jerusalem thorn either pure or in select pairings.  Honey from Grevena has received many awards for taste and quality including the Great Taste Awards. 

For more information, or to order Honey from Grevena products:
Thomas Tsialtas +30 6973044222
Constantinos Ntounas +30 6976861655