An area featuring a distinctive geological heritage and hosting an impressive number of geosites
noted for their rarity, scientific and educational value, and arresting beauty.

Virtual Tour

The story of geopark Grevena-Kozani began nearly a billion years ago and is still being written.  At stops around the park, interpretive panels offer visitors some of the ‘highlights’ of this continuing story: the oldest rocks of Greece, the birth of Europe and Africa, the dominion and destruction of the Tethys Ocean, the Ice Ages, rise of humankind, the wealth of our biodiversity, and human history.   

Each interpretive panel is accompanied by a You Are Here map indicating where you are within the geopark.  Here is an example: 

From Our Oldest Rocks to the Birth of Europe 

The Tethyan Lithosphere 



Tethys Destroyed as Africa and Europe Collide 

From the Tethys Sea to the Rivers of Europe 

The Power of Water 

The Ice Ages 


Bending and Breaking  


The Life-Giving Earth 

Our Geoheritage